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"We're taking the guesswork out of plants with scientific methods and real-world data."

– Nicholas Upton, Founder of FlorA

What is FlorA?

FlorA is a plant automation device. It operates by collecting various forms of environmental data, including light, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and soil moisture levels.

The device connects to the internet where the readings are processed. Based on the local environmental data, the FlorA remote server orders the device to water plants, as well as giving care advice for that individual plant.

True Automation

FlorA is true houseplant automation. It understands the unique needs of each of your plants – providing water and real-time environmental monitoring.

Healthy, Happy Plants

FlorA’s automation allows busy or traveling plant owners to leave even their most sensitive or demanding plants alone for days or weeks at a time.

How Does it Work?

FlorA works by connecting your plant to the massive FlorA plant care database via your home wireless network. It reads your local environment with embedded sensors including area temperature, humidity, plant-soil moisture, sunlight and barometric pressure.

That information is then securely transmitted to the FlorA server where it is analyed against the FlorA database; providing plant owners real time statuses and instructions for their individual plant.

Unsure? You can take a tour of the application before registering for your own account.
2021 – FlorA Plant Care